Membership Levels

Early Bird Offers! This is very limited. The free option will be going soon.

Exclusive Early Bird Choice! Instead of the included power-up calls you get as a paying member, you can choose to replace it with Instagram Growth – the target is at least 1,000 new followers every single month. For the VIP membership, you can exchange one of the calls for the Instagram growth.

Only here until it's gone! Get in quick! This option is only available for launch.
£97.00 per Month.
£97 per month - this will never rise as long as you are a member. One monthly power-up call included.
VIP (Limited Offer)
£197.00 per Month.
Included: two power-up calls, every month, on any topics related to technology, digital marketing or growing your business.

Membership can be cancelled any time, no tie-in.

The Membership “Pro” Levels

If you are not based in the UK select one of the No-Tax (VAT) options to exclude VAT.

Managed Website – Professional hosting on a private server, your website, updated and managed. No need to worry any more. Also includes… Two power-up calls per month, Instagram growth, and your content automatically distributed across social media. Read more…

Club of Ten – Limited to 10 clients, this is the “all in option”. Removing all your stress and worry, and letting you focus on your business and your customers. All of “Club of Twenty”, and then some (actually a lot more, like a copywriting service)! Read more…

Club of Twenty – Limited to 20 clients. Remove the headache of hosting, email list management, social media automation, and website updates. This is the “Managed Website” option, plus a managed email list service (including sending out your emails).

Power-Up Calls

The topics for the included Power-Up calls cover all the following, with more to come! Online, as a live video meetup, with your chosen topic.

  • How to find customers
  • Personal b​​​​​rand development
  • Implementing Systems
  • Copy-writing + distributing
  • Your own lead magnet or eBook
  • Automating social media growth
  • Click funnels and converting
  • Setting up Facebook groups
  • Cold emailing / Email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • New: Influencer Marketing
  • And then any topic or help you need, personal, one-to-one!

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