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How would you feel?

To have your website, social media and content "just sorted"?

Hayley Sparkes - whose website and Instagram growth is now "just sorted"

Based on 26 years of experience, launching websites with up to 23 million visitors a month.

Helping influencers around the world, target their audience boosting their engagement and sales.

Jon Buchan - Charm Offensive

Jon Buchan

Charm Offensive

"I've finally started outsourcing work I shouldn't be doing myself. As such, I'm sure I'm a terrible client. This has not fettered Simon's enthusiasm of work ethic.

He has helped me build my subscription sales funnel, move my existing funnels from ClickFunnels and provided me with helpful consultancy on a range of topics from pricing, to affiliates, to technical issues.

I highly recommend Simon. You should work with him immediately, as long as you need his services, that is."

Would you pay £7 for ALL of this?!

Every week, get a unique and exclusive course or tutorial on Technology and Digital Marketing.

And then throughout the week, related tips and advice, with direct access to support and expertise to answer any questions with real, actionable advice.

Based on 26 years of experience, launching websites with up to 23 million visitors a month.


How to setup, run and use tech and the web (etc) as a critical part of your business and success.


Get seen, find new customers, convert them, keep them, and stand out from the crowd.


From copy-writing to opt-ins, member areas to funnels. You can do it all, and make a difference!

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How does it work? How will you benefit?

Every Monday, you get exclusive access to a unique tutorial related to WordPress, technology, income growth, marketing or productivity.

Each month the topics will cover technology, content/copywriting, and then marketing - followed by a requested topic by you.

Already, the content you get immediate access to is worth over £1,500!

Bonus Courses!

In addition to the monthly schedule below, I will be adding additional courses on topics such as using Facebook and LinkedIn to find new customers, etc. As above, use the forums to request a course you wish was here.

What's been covered, and coming next...

You get access to previous, current and new topics

Every month, technology, content/copywriting and marketing

  • Distribute your content across multiple channels, automatically
  • Creating the perfect webinar
  • Up-selling, cross-selling, down-selling - what, when and why
  • Over to you - request away!

Plus a topic that you can suggest

  • Automating your Instagram and Twitter growth
  • The tricks of writing: cadence, triplets, rhythm, tone, etc
  • Call to action! Learn the most affective ways to convert
  • Over to you - request away!

And then throw your questions to get answers

  • How to run an email campaign - the right way
  • How to make and write a lead magnet to grow your audience
  • Influencers! How to find them, engage, be-friend and leverage them.
  • Over to you - request away!

And discuss with others - real, helpful advice

  • Using ManyChat - your Facebook "bot" to grow and audience (and get leads)
  • Presenting in real life gets loads of leads. How to do it, what to present.
  • How to use LinkedIn to find new leads on auto-pilot
  • Over to you - request away!

Get immediate access to all content, now and forever!

Find customers, convert customers,
keep customers.

Monday ~ a unique, exclusive course/tutorial on technology, digital marketing,  growth or productivity

Tuesday ~ Follow up tips and advice (actually, every day!) on the topic we are focussing on

Wednesday ~ Live chat online, answering your submitted questions.

Thursday ~ More advice and tips. Checking in, to see how you are getting on. Any questions answered.

Friday ~ Prep day for the next week's topic. Things for you to start thinking about.

Saturday and Sunday ~ Time to keep the balance. Socialising in the chat, and forums!

And throughout, offering your help with direct access to expertise, to ask questions.

Real, actionable advice.

Based on 26 years of experience, launching websites with up to 23 million visitors a month.

Your technology and marketing partner

"Want a quirky alternative to the usual digital marketing humdrum? Then Simon is your man. He looks behind the scenes of your business, rather than gawkily gazing at the front and saying the obvious. Want the cold hard truth to progress, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone? Let Simon guide you there."

Alice Elliot, Entrepreneur

"Simon has unrivalled passion for this project and brand, the energy and knowledge that he's brought to the table is insane! His unique ability to understand and cut right through to your business goals (and problems!) makes him a serious tool in your business arsenal!"

Lauren Lovett, UK Blog Awards

You should invest in yourself!

My name is Simon Goodchild. I've created and launched, websites and brands, small and large. With the biggest attracting 23 million visitors a month. I've worked with the core WordPress team for 12 years, and love it, launching money making websites in all sorts of sectors. Now I work with people and businesses, from the UK to the US, improving their customer conversion rates.

I've launched my own six figure businesses, and work through an eight figure consultancy agency.

Not blowing my own trumpet, but my success allows me to work in a way I enjoy, with people I enjoy, going to fantastic places, investing in property, meeting great people and having fun on the way.

But the point is, I have to keep learning, always getting more from working with others.

Simon Goodchild

This is me, Simon Goodchild (longer hair version).

Simon Goodchild signature

If this is similar to your aspirations, then the weekly growth plans will following the same methods I have used myself.

I would love to share them with you, and introduce you to others that are doing the same.


Everything above - for the price of a pint of beer (in London)

Telephone: +44(0)7766 912812

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Make friends! 🙂